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Baxters Educational Consultancy advisory support for setting up of Pre- Schools.

There are four operational models in our Pre- School setup.

Basic Pre School setup
Playgroup and Lower & Upper Nursery. Age group 1.5 – 3.5 years.

Basic Pre School setup
Playgroup, Lower Nursery Nursery & K.G,  Upper Age group 1.5 – 5.5 years.

Premium Pre School setup
Playgroup and Lower Nursery & Upper Nursery. Age group 1.5 – 3.5 years.

Premium Pre School setup
Playgroup, Lower Nursery, Upper Nursery & K.G Age group 1.5 – 5.5 years.

Advisory Support

Support Heads PG +Nur (Basic) PG +Nur +KG (Basic) PG + Nur (Premium) PG +Nur +KG (Premium)
Operations Supply of Startup kit which Includes classroom furniture, books, CDs, indoor and outdoor play equipments, Montessori and sensory equipments, learning aids, teaching aids.)
Site Selection Assistance
Interior layout and design
Operations Manual
Assistance in setting up of Startup kit.
Assistance in Vendor Management
Assistance in procurement of books and uniform for child kit.
Preparing of Annual Operating Plan and Annual Budget
Recruitment Assistance in recruitment of teachers / anglo indian teachers coordinator and marketing executive.
Training Training to teachers, coordinator and marketing executive.
Academics Development of Academic Curriculum
Development of Day wise teachers lesson plans
Development of Annual Academic and annual activity calendar
Monthly once academic handholding visit.
Quarterly once academic handholding visit.

Turnkey Advisory Support for setting up and running Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary Schools

Feasibility and Market Study
  • Analysis of the location as per land suitability.
  • Analysis of the potential target group.
  • Competition Analysis – Fees Structure, Facilities, Manpower, Offerings, Market Positioning.
  • Project Feasibility Analysis.
  • Proposed model for the School in the context of above
  •  Vendor identification and capital budget preparation
  • Assistance on purchase of Furniture, fixtures and fittings.
  • Purchase of Academic Related items.
  • Setting up of Sports Facilities.
  • Advisory on setting up of Health and Safety Measures.
Curriculum Designing, Assessment Plan and Academic Handholding.
  •  School Curriculum design based on Board Pattern to suit to the culture and context of the area and student background.
  • Design of curriculum delivery plan and schedule.
  • Course planning and development.
  • Development of course time table, delivery of curriculum; yearly, term-wise, weekly.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of learning of students by way of continuous assessment, tests, examinations, and feedbacks as appropriate.
  • Records of the stage wise course delivery and student evaluation to be maintained.
  • Academic Handholding.
  •  Design of Assessment and evaluation plan and schedule
  • Analyzing student performance through a variety of methods that will include formal testing, project work, etc and planning all these activities.
  • Written Examination Schedule.
  • Using the result of student assessment to evaluate and revise curriculum and methodology of delivery on a continuing basis.
  • Developing protocols for record, analysis and reporting the results of school and student’s academic performance.
  • Teacher guidance to ensure that they operate with current and harmonized evaluation criteria.
  •  Protocols to ensure confidentiality of examinations including paper setting.
  • Recruitment and Selection of management, teaching and non-teaching Staff.
  • Induction of New staff (Anglo indian teachers).
  • Understanding the curriculum, syllabus and its delivery.
  • Importance and practices of assessment & evaluation in primary schools.
  •  Understanding current educational thinking and pedagogy.
  • Teacher Induction and professional development training.
  • Training to Admin and Marketing Staff.
  • Training to Grade 4 staff.
  • Pedagogy applications in teaching Science & Mathematics
  •  Pedagogy applications in teaching Languages
  • Pedagogy applications in teaching Social Sciences
School Governance
  •  Organization Structure and Organizational Hierarchies
  • Responsibilities & Authorities
  •  Reporting Structure & Mechanism
  • Organizational Performance Review Mechanism
  •  Competency Mapping
  • General Service rules
  •  Leaves & Holidays
  • HR Policies: Recruitment to Retirement
  • Statutory & Regulatory Compliance
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Training & Development
  •  Office Administration
  • Internal Communication
  • External Communication Protocols
  • Document Control Protocols & Record Keeping
  •  Purchasing & Stores Management
  • Security, Health, Hygiene & Safety Policies and Practices
  • Premises & General Maintenance
  • Vehicles Coordination & Maintenance
  • Management Systems.
  • Academic Systems and Support.
  • HR systems and work systems.
  • Financial systems and control.
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Capacity Planning.
IT Infrastructure
  •  Integrating IT with Education (ERP, Smart classrooms, Technology Labs). Vendor Management and coordination with vendors for execution.
  • Website Design and Content Management. Design of Website, domain  registration and hosting services
  • Smart Classrooms. Identifying vendors and coordination with vendors for execution.
  • Design of Collaterals.
  • Marketing Strategy and Planning.
  • ATL / BTL Planning and execution.
  • Event Management.
  • Advertising and Promotion.
  •  Managing Admission Process.
  •  Launch of School.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Exhibitions and Seminars
  •  Tie ups and Accreditations.
  • Quality Controls and Assurance.
  • Accreditations.
  • School Audit – Academic, Operations, Health and Safety and Proving Remedial Solutions.
Guidance for Affiliation Process School Affiliation is a rigorous and in-depth verification process. This is based on the affiliation bye laws of CBSE / ICSE / State boards / International boards and other specific criteria published time to time in the form of circulars. The applicant school needs to comply with these. It is a systematic and structured process. We help school from the concept till the affiliation process is complete.

Major aspects

  • Legal and Statutory aspects
  •  Restructuring the school governance, infrastructure base on the new affiliation requirements and norms
  • Compilation of Documents and Manuals
  • Creating Self Assessment Report for Affiliation inspection
  •  Staff Training for facing the assessment inspection.


  • On site verification of status in light of affiliation requirements.
  •  Providing guidance and hand holding support to fill-up gaps related to Governance, Infrastructure and Curriculum Transaction.
  • Creating documented structure including various manuals and files and coordination with board.
  • Readiness assessment by experts to verify the complete compliance with stated affiliation requirements and would serve as mock drill.
  • Staff training to empower then to face affiliation inspection in right spirit.

Feasibility and Market Study

At Baxters Educational Consultancy, we have a proprietary approach to study the market and gauge the feasibility of educational institute.The study is research based, pragmatic and relevant to the education sector.

The Study generally covers the following and more:

  • Internal resource view (strengths, capabilities and weakness)
  • External resource view (opportunities and threat)
  • Legal aspects of Education
  • Synoptic Plan of Action
  • Financial Modelling of an Educational Institute – Capex and income / expenditure statements
  • Primary Survey of the Consumers using respondents under questionnaire survey
  • Analysis of the location as per land suitability
  • Analysis of the potential target group
  • Proposed model for the Educational Institute in the context of above

At Baxters Educational Consultancy, we undertake contract from conceptualisation to execution for events. We have expertise in organising various types of events like

  • Road Shows.
  • Product Launches.
  • Corporate Meetings and Events.
  • Award Functions.
  • School Events.
  • Theme Events.
  • Celebrity Managements.
  • Fairs and Exhibitions.

Flex Print / Eco solvent Vinyl Print / Canopy / Sun board Print / LED letter / Glow sign board / Rollup banners / Brochure Print / Leaflet print / Visiting Card / Letter head

We undertake contracts for development of customised websites.

We also undertake various Sales and Marketing Assignments as per the needs of clients.

At Baxters Educational Consultancy, we provide consultancies on the following

  • Legal
  • Assisting School on all legal matters throughout the year.
  • Drafting of all legal letters and communications.
  • Drafting of all legal agreements for School.
  • Be a part of committees of School and provide legal consultancies as required.


  • Financial
  • Tax Advisory services – Direct and Indirect taxes.
  • Income Tax Advisory and assurance services.
  • Setting up and monitoring Accounting processes of School.
  • Financial and Statutory Audits.


  • Health & Safety
  • Conduct Health, Safety and Child Protection Audits.
  • Provide Training to Schools on Health, Safety and Child Protection Audits.
  • Setting up processes, good practices, monitoring processes.
  • Conduct monthly meeting and monitoring systems.
  • Background checks and Police Verification services.
  • Assist school throughout the year on building a culture on Health, Safety and Child Protection Audits